What device will  ESSENTIALS  APP work on?

Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon firestick, Invidia shield and more.  In addition ESSENTIALS offers a top of the range set top box that outperforms any STB on the market and comes preloaded with ESSENTIALS platform – Simply plug and play.  Our box only operates Essentials services so the box and remote operate just like you are use to with a cable service.  Just turn it on hit the guide and select your content


recently launched a website portal where clients can login and access Essentials from any device and web browser.  Only available for paid subscribers.

Can it be installed on Mag 254?  

Yes watch this video   After you install ESSENTIALS app  send an email to  the mac and serial of the device and we will add the Mag 254 to your account.

What is the cost?

After the free trial its $25 per month for over 500 channels plus all the sports packages.  Four codes are available with the paid service that can be used on four devices at same location.

What countries does it work in?

Yes it works worldwide.  Anywhere you have an internet connection.
Is there additional channels available?  Yes we currently have over 500 channels and will be expanding to over 1,000 in the next 30-60 days.  If there is a channel you are looking for in the meantime, fill out the support form below and we will try and make it available

How many devices can the free trial be installed on?

1 device, the free trial can not be installed on phones or tablets.

How do I  install ESSENTIALS  on Amazon Firestick?

Instructions online at

Amazon fire sleep issue?

Does it work on Roku?  

ESSENTIALS is not currently available on Roku. We are working on a solution.




I forgot my username/password, can I get that reset?
Yes, we can help you reset the password and provide your username, simply contact us.

How can I set or change my PIN for the adult channels?
Log into your dashboard, enter a 4 digit number beside “User PIN” and click on the Set button.

Do you offer any demo/trial accounts?
No, we do not offer any demo or trial accounts at this time.

Can I use one subscription on multiple Roku receivers?
At the moment each subscription is only good for one box. Each box would require a subscription.

What is a Roku Player and where can I get one?

Roku is a media streaming player like AppleTV or Google Chromecast. You can buy them at just about any major retailer like, Best Buy, Walmart, Future Shop, Staples and Amazon online.

My subscription is almost done, how do I renew it?

Simply re-buy the plan that you would like under “existing customer” on Buy/Renew page.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection?

Yes, you will need a high-speed Internet connection. We would recommend a download speed of at least 5Mbps.

Will this work with any ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

Mostly, there are a few ISP’s that will block IPTV servers. You should contact your ISP to verify that they don’t have any such blocks on their end. However, you can use a VPN as a workaround.

How can I add channels to my favorites list?

Press the green A button to add channels to your favorites list. Only the Roku 3 and some Roku 2 remotes have this feature at the moment. You can display your favorites list by pressing the * (star) button.

Why can’t I see any video on demand content on my Mag receiver?

Video on demand only works with Roku receivers and Android TV Devices at the moment. We recommend using a Roku receiver only.

Can I use WowTV on Apple TV, Chromecast, my computer or my smartphone?

 No, our WowTV app can only be installed on a Roku receiver or  Android TV Devices.


Are there different packages that I can order?

No, there is only one package which has access to all of the channels.